I’m a proud slut.

According to men on the internet, I am a slut.

I like Lemons

I like Emma Watson

I don’t like when men yell at me out their windows.

I like to wear boots with jeans.

I don’t like to wear mock turtle necks.

I am a supporter of LGBTA and pretty much every one who isn’t an asshole.

I believe that a plant based, or a diet heavily based with plant-foods with little meat and dairy- is the healthiest diet.

I cut my hair short.

I don’t like when a grown man calls me “mommy”

I don’t like that birth control is still an issue… why is it STILL an issue???

I like to tell my man what I want.

I don’t like being told what to do by a man who is my equal in the work place.

I don’t like when my co-worker twisted my nipples.

I want to wear what I am comfertable in.

I do not want to smile on command.  I don’t like being told to smile by strange men.

I like to take care of my man and my child, if you are not my man or my son, it is not my job to take care of you.  I am not a hooker or a nurse.

I like to wear lipstick.

I like to wear eye shadow.

Sometimes, yoga pants are what I want to wear that day, especially if, you know, I’m GOING to yoga.


According to the internet, these things are the definition of “Slut.”

I am proud, to be a slut.

Late Post: Over View of the Detox.

I would not recommend this… at all.  A few weeks ago I purchased a…

Total Body Cleanse

I was really excited to do this cleanse, it sounded so simple and it had great testimonials online.  It’s rated 4-5 stars most places I’ve searched and I really thought it was worth the $40.  It wasn’t, not at all.  I feel the exact same as when I started.  I followed the directions loosely the first week due to being laid up, and strictly the 2nd… and both weeks were completely the same.

What does this product do?  It makes you poop… kind of like you bought a $10 bottle of fiber, or you know, ate a normal fiber intake.  That’s about it.  It gave me no side effects, and that was really it… oh and you pee a lot because of all the water you have to drink.  I realize this is how toxins get passed out of the body, any 2nd grader can tell you that, but $40 for that??  Why not just go out and buy a nice fiber pill and drink a gallon of water a day?  Does about the same thing.

I would rate this a 2 on a scale of 1-5.  I did not loose any of the normal detox weight (you know, loose it and gain it right back), in fact I’m pretty sure I gained a pound.  It did nothing for me at all.

ASOS: 3 looks, 1 dress, 1 change.

So today I FINALLY got my ASOS order in the mail!!  So happy.  I grabbed that package and ran up stairs to try on my two purchases and I’m happy to say they fit!!! YAY.  I was worried because of the slight weight gain, I’ve been kind of pissed at myself.  Need to get serious… but food… good.  FML.

So anyways, at first I was disappointed that the dress I purchased was a little too big on me.  Not by much, but enough to look like a sack.  *Sigh*  Luckily I still own a belt that fits my waist, so it was an easy fix.  I did however have trouble choosing what I wanted to wear it with.  By itself, with a kimono, or with a chunky sweater.  So I did all of them :-P.

Look one: Night time.


I styled the dress with a belt, a pair of black tights and a pair of black booties.  Wearing my hair plain.  I opted for “feather” earrings, that are actually made out of metal, and a locket.  With nothing over top of this dress- I feel like it’s too dressed up for every day outings.  But for a club?  I would totally wear this out to the bar.  This is the base look for the following photos.

Dress: ASOS

Belt: Taken off a skirt.

Boots: Steve Madden New York- Sears, old.

Locket: Flee Market

Earrings: Sears similar here

Look 2: The summer/spring look.

2 (2)100_0304


Can you tell this one is my favorite?  I love how this kimono looks over the dress.  It makes it feel more casual, like an every day summer look.  Even with no tights and a pair of sandals this would look cool and laid back.  I also like this as an option for when I want to wear bra straps with this dress.  This wouldn’t work for me without the belt, the dress would be too shapeless, and baggy.  Putting the kimono over top would look frumpy.

Kimono: Rue 21.  Similar here.

Look 3: Fall/Winter


Once again, same base look, one difference.  This is my look for tonight, with the weather chilly, this sweater really added the cozy- casual touch to the dress.  I loved how the pink looked against the gray and how chill it felt.  Plus the extra belt on the sweater helped to pull the whole look together… no pun intended.

Sweater: Laura Scott, Sears.  Similar here.



Lips: L’oreal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick in Nude Ballet.

Week One of Detox

Quick update:

So my knee is better, yay!  That means I can finally get back to exercising.  I’ll admit, an excuse to lay around on my couch for a week has been great, really.  But it isn’t doing me any favors, and I’m certainly not going to be on track for my goal if I continue at this pace.  My revised goal: I want to weigh in on January 1st at 160 pounds.  That means 20-25 lbs to loose in the next 2 1/2 months.  I got this.

As for the detox: so far I’m not seeing any differences in the way I feel.  It SAYS you don’t have to change your diet, and need to drink plenty of water.  It also recommends exercising, which I of course have not been doing.  So starting today, I will be improving my diet, instead of just eating consciously and normally with my husband and mother (and alone).  I will actually be “dieting” by reducing my bread, dairy and meat in take.  This is the kind of diet I feel best on, and I find when I eat primarily fruits, vegetable and beans… that I find pastas and breads to be bloating.  Dairy upsets my stomach and meat makes me THIRSTY, like: I-am-dying-in-the-desert-thirsty.  So we will have to see how it goes.

I will also be exercising again, which today I’ll admit; I’m not looking forward to.  I really slept lousy last night and I desperately need a nap.  Perhaps I’ll have time for both.  Not to mention my apartment REALLY needs to be cleaned again.  *Sigh*.

I have been following the detox pill consumption and water in take exactly.  The two morning pills + 3 fiber pills.  The two night pills + the 3 fiber pills.  The detox also included two packages with extra fiber in them for “if eliminations are sluggish.”  I have already taken both packages… with no difference.  I may consider reducing the three fiber pills to 2 instead, but I will have to see.  I’m really hoping I did not waste the $40 on this product.  I was hoping to use it as a restart to my diet, and hoping it would take care of some other problems, like the constant fatigue and food cravings.  No luck.  I have also stopped taking my Candida Support supplements to really test out this product.  I will be continuing with the Candida and a fiber supplement after this detox is done.



ASOS Order: Loosing my ASOS virginity.

I’m 26 and I’ve never so much as looked at ASOS‘s website before.  Is that sad?  I feel like that’s sad.

So I popped my adult shopping cherry and dove in head first… to their sale section.  I was expecting to be faced with expensive items.  “Expensive” is a loose term for me, considering I often shop at Rue 21: where I buy a pair of shorts and get another for $1… or Sears where I use to work and got ONLY good deals and super cheap items.  So I was expecting to face at least a $50+ tag on everything and NOPE right out of there.  I’m glad I didn’t, they have an AMAZING sale going on right now, their clearance is beautiful, and that “low to high” shopping filter is my best friend.  Immediately I came across a dress I fell in love with.

Image 4 of ASOS Satin Mini Lace Trim Cami Dress

I have been lusting over a dress like this for some time now.  I would have preferred it in black, but sadly that was out of my size range.  After FINALLY receiving my refund for the pants I ordered from Forever 21 (which were shaped VERY oddly, but were beautiful and broke my heart to send them back), I thought I would splurge on myself.  So I grabbed up this little number for $15.23 marked down from $47.61.  YES.

After getting my jollies from this dress in my shopping cart I saw that I was $10 away from free shipping, which I HATE when that happens.  $4 for shipping is nothing, but I feel like I’m loosing out on $4.  So I kept shopping around, I needed $10 in merchandise in my shopping cart and I kept hitting WALL after WALL, of too small sizes.  Until I found…

Image 1 of ASOS Cami Top With Button Detail

This Cami with button detailing: YES.  Was $22.85 and I snagged it for $15.23.  Over the amount I wanted to spend by $5, but it was a piece I just felt I really needed in my wardrobe.  It’s a piece I’ve been picturing in my head every time I go shopping, yet for some reason I just could NEVER find it… well now I have.  I’m so excited to get these items in the mail.  It will be like Christmas!  I’m really crossing my fingers about the dress, I’ll be so sad if it doesn’t fit.

On another note, I can now cross off all the sweaters on my shopping list, as well as new pants I’ve been needing.  I LOVE when my mom cleans out her closet.  Pictures to come in the near future!



Review: L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick

So I have been trying to rid myself of non-natural based beauty products lately, but it’s a process.

I have been getting a lot of free magazines in the mail this year, due to the awesome website Recyclebank: this is an amazing website, where you are paid in points every time you complete a task about recycling.  It can be anything from reading an article they wrote about protecting the environment, to taking a quiz, to completing the daily pledge (5 pts bitches!!).  Super easy, super fun and the points rack up quick.  I used my points to get FREE magazine subscriptions to my favorite magazines like: InStyle, Cosmo, and Glamour.  <3.

In the last few issues I’ve gotten I’ve been given loads of coupons!  Which I love, especially after watching Extreme Couponers obsessively on Netflix.  It’s a problem.  The coupons I’ve gotten recently have been for $3 off a tube of  L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick.  So I headed to my local Walgreens where they seem to have the best make up sales and scoured the section.  These were a bitch to find, I’ll be honest it pissed me off how hard they were to locate.  You would think L’Oreal would advertise their new product better.  Anyways, I found the small section and it was a battle choosing which colours to pick out.  I had two coupons, both for $3 off of one.  Walgreens was having a sale buy one- get one 50% off.  Amazing.  I finally settled on a nude, and a colour that would flatter me that wasn’t on-trend.

I spent a total of $10 on the two lip sticks, which is awesome considering they were $9.99 each.  Score.

unnamed (4)


The packaging for these babies is beautiful.  I love the gold tubes with the colours displayed in the little side panel.  Pulling these out of my purse is far more stylish than the Burts Bees lip colours, that I often mix up for my untinted chap-sticks.  The colours above are Coral Encore and Nude Ballet.  They apply like a lip gloss, with a wide, tilted wand and a super soft applicator.

Coral Encore:  A nice peachy coral colour, almost a salmon.  It reminds me a lot of Sari Pink from Dior Addict.  Only honestly… it’s better.

.unnamed (5)unnamed (2)


Nude Ballet: A light mauve- pink, a good nude shade for me, I really really like this one.  It’s definitely made me more fond of the nude lip trend, I’ve been seeing a lot recently.

unnamed (6)unnamed (3)


First of all if I had to give this product a rating from 1-10, 10 being the best, 1 the worst.  I would rate it at a 7.  I really like how this looks on my lips, the first application is enough, no reason for a second coat.  BUT for winter time it would be a difficult product for me, my lips were dry and even after scrubbing them as smooth as I could get them, this product caked up my lips and felt gross.  But when my lips were really smooth I noticed just how nice this formula is.  It’s thick, but not tacky and it doesn’t bleed, it stays put and shines like a gloss.  I really like this for a casual look, it’s something I can wear to work and not get dirty looks from my bosses.  I also love how my lips feel after, almost like I’ve had a nice balm applied, my lips and soft and moisturized.  This product as you can probably tell by the pictures has a high shine to it, but it’s nicely pigmented so you can really see the colours.

All in all a really nice product, especially for the price tag.  If I get more coupons for this item I will be heading back to my local Walgreens.


Total Body Cleanse- Day 2

So yesterday, after getting totally fed up with myself, my diet and fear of looking at the scale, I took it upon myself to head over to the next town in search of a detox- in- a- box.  I went to a little shop called Nature’s Storehouse, and searched their shelves; toddler in tow for the perfect detox.  I’m honestly doing this to jump start my diet again, I won’t lie, but I’m not expecting to loose weight (or any weight I loose I’m not crazy, I know it will be back) on this detox.  This is honestly just to try and restart, to feel better and to get back on track.  I feel like I say that a lot.

Total Body Cleanse

This product is described on the website as:

Total Body Cleanse is a two-week (14-day), 3-part organic internal cleansing program, blending only organic herbs and fiber to offer an effective colon and body cleanse with no extra ingredients to add stress to your body.

Part 1: Detoxify with Total Body Herbal Cleanse uses organic whole herbs used traditionally to support the liver, lungs, lymphatic system, kidneys, skin and blood. These cleansing herbs support the natural detoxification process of the body.

Part 2: Capture with Fiber Blend is a blend of organic oat bran, flaxseed and acacia fiber. Fiber is a critical component of colon cleansing, as well as organ detoxification and purification.

Part 3: Eliminate with Colon Cleanse is an effective blend of organic rhubarb root, slippery elm, fennel and marshmallow promote healthy elimination. Organic slippery elm, fennel and marshmallow also help soothe and comfort the bowel during this critical cleansing step.

So I started out yesterday, and there are a lot of pills.  In the morning it instructs to take 2 of the detox pills, and three of the fiber.  At night it’s three more fiber and the two night detox pills.  I feel like a junky.  So far I have had no side effects, except for a little light headed feeling yesterday, but that is it.  And I’m pretty sure it was from not eating, not the pills.  The box also includes extra laxatives in case “eliminations are sluggish.”

The only unfortunate part of this was my wake up call/accident Sunday night.  At work at the college, I dislocated my knee cap.  *Ouch*  Which as I’m told, can be caused by excessive weight.  So I’m stuck with a knee immobilizer and a pair of crutches, as well as a bottle of Oxycodone… yaaay.  Not exactly the best thing to detox with, I can’t even exercise.  I’m confined to my mothers house, due to the fact that my apartment is full of stairs and they aren’t exactly agreeing with me.  My husband stayed home with me yesterday to help care for our son, but I’m on my own today… *SIGH.*  Not only that but my mother isn’t exactly the most health food conscious person, her idea of a healthy meal is “wheat” bread and prepackaged deli meat.  So I’m stuck trying to find healthier alternatives to eat, while I try to detox.  It’s not going well.  Whipped Key Lime yogurt, LIFE cereal and egg salad sandwiches.  Yummy… but not exactly what I should be eating right now.

The best part in all of this, was at the hospital, after the oh- so- embarrassing part of being taken out of a crowded campus in an ambulance.  I was cared for by an old friend- now nurse, a really nice (and nice looking) guy who use to hang out with me and my ex-boy friend.  He use to work at a local liquor store… he’s The Shit.  It was weird though, talking to him, and at the end of the night we were laughing about how weird it was, that six years ago we never would have thought he would ever be putting on my pants and tying my shoes!  Good times.