Nosey Rosey

So I FINALLY got enough motivation to head down to the tattoo parlor for my 4th nose ring(yup 4th).  Having lost the first three over the years to very odd mishaps I had given up all hope of ever having another nose ring.  But this year, to celebrate a newer, more confident ME, I got pierced again.

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Newly pierced about two hours ago, pretty stoked about it.  Kind of wish I had gone with the other side though, oh well.

Also I’ve ALWAYS wanted to wear glasses, I’m a sadist I know.  Turns out my fiances also harbors that little desire as well, apparently he has a thing for girls with glasses.  So upon learning this glorious piece of information, we went out together and picked up a first pairs from a store that I once worshiped as a preteen: Claires.  I haven’t been in there in YEARS and now I think I maybe addicted again.  Is that sad?  I’m 26 ha.   


Lip Colour: Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lip Color in Vivid Rose

Liner: Kat Von D Water Proof Autograph pencil in Puro Amor

Glasses: Claires

Family Photos <3

So last night the boys and I went to my mothers house.  There we went on a mission to take the perfect photo for our wedding favors.  Personalized Jones Sodas!  Years ago when Brandon and I first started dating, I purchased a 6 pack of soda with out photo on the front of the bottles and some personalized writing on the back.  I thought, “what better than the soda bottles again for our wedding!”  Below are the many photos we took together to find the perfect one (and of course Henry had to join in as well!:

e f g gg h  j k   vv


And the winner was…..



For extra cuteness:

d s


Dress/earrings: Sears

His Shirt: American Eagle

Trip to NH

A few weeks ago, the man and I headed out to Dover NH.  We are getting married at Odiorne State Park on August 16th, so we drove up there to visit my Nana and check out the location.  Lucky for us the park has a play ground for our son, so our wedding day we can keep him pretty entertained if he looses his cool during the ceremony. <3.

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Like I said, this is the first summer I have worn shorts in almost 20 years!  I have no idea how I worn jeans during 90 degree weather for so long!  I’m still not happy with my legs, but it’s so relieving to just grab a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and run out the door.  I just LOVE his face in these photos.

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My beautiful boy Henry- Richard playing with his Joker car at my Nana’s house in Dover.  He got the TV stare because Elmo is on.


Stopping for a break just outside of Swanton VT.  I love Vermont with every fiber of my being!

My shorts: Rue 21 <3, buy one get one for a $1!  You can’t beat that, plus I had a coupon for $10 off $20.  Sooo two pairs of shorts for $11.

Jungle Print Top: Maurices (I bought this a few years back but I am in LOVE with Maurices prints lately, especially the elephants, the Hamsa, the very zen and tribal prints… I need to go shopping obviously).

Black and White Floral Top: Jcpenny (similar item here)


Coconut oil: a natural lube


I am so getting into stuff like this! Kind of obsessed with coconut oil now haha.

Originally posted on Dr. Jen Gunter:

Many couples need/prefer lube during sex. However, many commercial lubricants can be irritating (or just aren’t quite right). Ingredients that many women find irritating are alcohol (most gel based lubricants) and glycerin and paraben (most water based lubes), never mind the stuff they add for smell and taste.

A great option for those who find commercial lubes irritating or are troubled by the fact than many of the ingredients remain unpronounceable to everyone but organic chemists is coconut oil. Yes, the stuff you use for cooking. You can buy it at most drug stores and at Safeway prices of $9 for a massive jar it is also a lot cheaper than that tiny little bottle of Slippery Stuff.

Coconut oil is a solid at room temperature, but as soon as you glop 
a bit on your hands it starts to melt. If you rub a bit quickly in your…

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Photos of the Summer <3

Hampton Beach, NH.  With one of my bridesmaids, the lovely Beth Ann.


Taste testing cupcakes for our wedding.  Random Acts Of Sweetness.  I highly recommend them, their little shop is located in Portsmouth NH, they have HUNDREDS of cupcake flavors.  The ones we tried were nothing short of amazing and with names like: “Mother Pucker” and “Leaf Me Alone” how can you say no??


Blurry photos are the Karaoke bar?  Don’t mind if we do!


Weight Loss results so far::::


I know it may not look super impressive, but I’ve gone from a size 16 pant to a size 10.  A size 40DDD to a 34/32DDD and size 1X/XL to a L/M.  I’m pretty pleased.




This Lipstick Search Engine Makes Finding Your Perfect Hue Even Easier

Originally posted on InStyle:

[tiImage width="594" height="481" url="" credit="Courtesy" align="center" border="1" alt="Lipstick Finder" burst="" burstpos="top-right"]

When we’re on the hunt for a new tube of lipstick, we usually consult our database of Best Beauty Buys. But what about times when we want to get a little more specific? Enter Lipcote’s Lipstick Finder, which combines a Google-esque search function with all the hues in the cosmetic rainbow. Hunting down a specific color is pretty straightforward, but you can also search based on a product’s undertones, how sheer or opaque you want the shade to be, or your preferred finish. From Armani to Rimmel, just about every brand at a variety of price points is included, and you can read through reviews to see what the site’s pros had to say about the product. The search engine pulls results from the U.K. as Lipcote, a long-lasting topcoat for your pucker, is based out in Britain…

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