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A Victim Going Back To Their Abuser Doesn’t Mean We Should Forgive Domestic Violence

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

A few years ago, a woman with whom I’m extremely close got into a relationship. I didn’t really know a lot about the guy, but something about him just didn’t feel right. They seemed to argue a lot and would have extreme lows where it seemed for sure they’d break up, only to show up the next day like they were the most loving couple in the world. After a few months, her demeanor started to change. She started gaining weight and her personality went from joyous and outgoing to quiet and reclusive.

I was always talking with her and asking what was going on, but with no real response. Finally she started telling me the stories. She told me about how he would threaten to kill her and how he held a knife up to her throat on numerous occasions, telling her that if she ever left he would…

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24 Things We Unexpectedly Become Obsessed With In Our Late 20s


Oh God I’m old… I had a quinoa wedding for fuck sake.

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1. Food prep
You know you’ve plopped directly into your late 20s when someone’s Instagram’d picture of a week’s worth of food prep for real makes you envious.

2. Local, organic vegetables
What is our late 20s if not a never-ending montage of us going to Farmer’s Markets, then chopping up an endless supply of vegetables and packing them into tupperware that we then organize into our refrigerators all before noon?

3. Owning a Vitamix
One day, we all collectively woke up and thought, “You know what my life needs more of? Something that can both pulverize produce and make hummus!” Sure, we spent the $600 on it, use it only for green smoothies we could have made in a normal, much cheaper blender, but there’s the promise of soups… hummus… almond butter… and just knowing we have an appliance that can give us those…

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Drug Store Lip Products I LOVE.

So I am completely obsessed with a couple lip products that I am able to actually FIND in my area. I am surrounded by drug stores and Wal-Mart. We are seriously lacking in the ULTA and SEPHORA department. Our local mall (which is 30 minutes away) has ONE beauty country in the whole place, and it’s a Bon-Ton… so yeah. I was planning on gushing about these two products and I see someone on Total Beauty has beat me to one of them. So I’m doing a double post. <3

Love #1: Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm.

So a while back I saw on the Burt’s Bees display: what looked to be jumbo sized lip balms.  They are in a thick dark cardboard tube with a colourful end sticking up to display the colour of the product.  I was really excited, thinking this would be a funky product to check out, so I quickly grabbed one in Hibiscus and headed home.  To my surprise the cardboard is just crazy packaging… honestly, out of the tube came a chap-stick… completely threw me off guard.  When I took off the cap a nice orange colour met my eyes and I immediately tried it on in the bathroom.  Upon layering it I found a GORGEOUS hue built up on my lips and it felt like I only had chapstick on: win-win.  It’s very natural, but bright enough to look like you are wearing something.  With colours inspired by nature and ingredients that aren’t off-the-chart-toxic, I went out and grabbed two more.  I now own them in Hibiscus, Rose, and Sweet Violet.

Burt's Bees Hibiscus Tinted Lip Balm, 0.15 oz

Love #2: Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick

This is probably the best drugstore lipstick I have ever found.  When ever I go to the drug store looking for a lipstick, I immediately head for these.  They have a beautiful colour selection.  The pigment is beautiful, the packaging is perfect.  They stay put really well, even through eating and drinking, and long after there is still a hint of colour left behind like a stain.  I really like that they have a Vivid’s line as well, the colours are crazy beautiful.  I am all about these.

I own these in: Deepest Cherry, Vivid Rose, Totally Toffee, and Warm Me Up.  They are just so amazing.

13 Clueless Statements That Drive People Who Know About Nutrition Crazy


These KILL me!!! Diet soda is unbelievably bad for you, I’m shocked it’s even legal… sports drinks contain chemicals in them that are illegal in other countries because they are so disgustingly unhealthy… yet we allow them her in the states. Avocados are high in fat but it’s GOOD fat, it’s not the same as eating fries soaked in grease. And anything you get from Mcdonalds is NOT healthy, let’s be real people The chicken is injected with sodium, the lettuce is void of nutrients from being prepackaged, it’s soaked in pesticides and is most likely GMO. The dressing is packed full of sugar… need I go on? I work at a Cake and Ice Cream shop, I don’t eat there. In the shop we market smoothies to college students as “healthy” because they are “made from real fruit, have no HFCS!” BUT they are packed full of preservatives, maltodextrin, and dye… please tell me if it is made out of strawberries, why do you have to dye it red??? I see people coming in from the gym, and treating themselves to ice cream or getting one of these smoothies with added protein or fat burner. It’s not going to help… End Rant.

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

1. “I stopped eating fruit because of the carbs/sugar.”

There’s no reason to eliminate an entire food group from your diet. The reason some foods have carbs and sugars is because our bodies need them to survive. Eating a piece of fruit isn’t the same as eating a super-refined carb like bread or a spoonful of white sugar.

2. “I read about this great diet in Cosmo, so now I’m doing it.”

Listen, the job of a magazine writer isn’t to make you healthy — it’s to sell you a magazine. The version of the story you’re getting is the one they think will get you to buy the issue and talk about it. Take it with a grain of salt — or better yet, cross-reference it with articles from more reputable sources (like this one, run by dietetics).

3. “I don’t like avocados because they have…

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18 Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Kim Kardashian


So I hate Kim Kardashian, BUT… these are very true things lol.

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1. No one, not even Kim, can pull off a middle part slicked back pony tail.

2. When you find something that looks good on your body; run with it. In Kim’s case it’s a pencil skirt and fitted crop.

3. If Kim can power on after her sex tape, a nasty office rumor or embarrassing breakup is nothing to worry about. Keep your head high!

4. You don’t have to have a body like a sad coke rat coat rack to be attractive.

5. Take your $75,000 earrings off BEFORE jumping in to any body of water.

6. You should not be ashamed of your pregnant body. Wear what you want whether it’s a tent or a fitted floor length floral dress with matching gloves.

7. Be best friends with your siblings. They are always looking out for your best interest.

8. Take…

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Rape And Domestic Abuse Are A Man’s Problem

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Women get hurt, threatened, coerced, and abused every single day — the details of which I will not type out in this rant. Not because it’s not important for awareness (because it is). Not because it makes me physically sick to think about and discuss these things (because it does). I don’t want to focus on the woman’s side of these problems… because these behaviors are not the problems of women. Yes, these issues impact women (in profoundly ugly ways), but they reflect the deep rooted issues of (some) men.


Men who are broken, insecure, controlling, mentally screwed up, and violent. Men who need to compensate for their own shortcomings and lack of real strength and masculinity by physically and mentally intimidating and inflicting pain on those might not be physically strong enough to defend…

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Why Girls Suck (As Told By A Girl)


Too true, every job I have ever worked at… or hell let’s face it. MY WHOLE LIFE. Whether it was school, work, a party, I have become terrified to leave the room. Because every time someone leaves the room. It’s a SHIT STORM. I witness it, and I’m the butt of it when I step out. I’m 26, I’m often around people older then me. I feel like being at my current age I just don’t have room in my life for that bull shit.

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

First, let me get this straight. I am a real live woman. I’m wildly unathletic. I calculate how long I should wait before I text a guy, I go on diets for a day then give up because ice cream’s just too damn good, and I color-code everything. Not to play into stereotypes here, but I need you to understand—I am a real woman probably similar to many (if not most) of the women reading this.

But in my life, I have learned the hard way that women are the worst. Now, you’re probably mentally placing me in the “she has no girlfriends because she chases men and is a bad friend” category. Categorize me all you want, but wrong again, assholes. I seem to have the opposite problem.

When my best friend lost her job, I was at her house armed with…

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