Super Sushi

I just made this last night! I followed this recipe and added sliced mango to mine. ❤ ❤ Can't get enough.

The Leafy Queen

butter or oil                                                                                                   
soy sauce

I love sushi, which often confuses people who think sushi necessarily includes raw fish.  “Aren’t you a vegetarian?!” they ask.

Of course, but “sushi” refers to cold, cooked rice formed into bite sized pieces with various fillings or toppings, which may be fishy or vegetarian.

The other day, I created this Super Sushi recipe using amaranth, an ancient Peruvian grain, rather than white sushi rice.  Amaranth, similar to quinoa, is packed with protein and vitamins, so it’s a great way to make vegetarian sushi more nutrient dense.  When boiled, amaranth is slightly sticky, making it great for holding sushi together.  The versatile grain is also delicious as hot cereal, can be popped to…

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Review: The Vitamin Code


This is seriously the BEST vitamin out there!  Like, absolute best.

I was a bit hesitant to buy these vitamins at first, being almost $35 a bottle at my local health food store.  I was REALLY reconsidering my splurge.  After years of questionable eating habits (among other things), not exercising, and feeling all around shitty every day of my life, I tried to make a turn around this year.  It’s taken me 26 years and while I may have fallen off the wagon the last couple months (and paying DEARLY for it) I’m doing my best to get back on track and move forward with my life.  Now that being said, when I took my couple months off, I stopped taking my multivitamin.  Immediately I started feeling like I was declining and it didn’t help with the “just one more day won’t hurt” mentality.  One more day of pizza at midnight, with snacking on ice cream at work, with over all bad choices for me, personally.  Not enough water, too much dairy, and no nutrients.  Now, I’m still not fully back to my good behavior BUT, I am back on the Vitamin Code…

And I feel fabulous, or at least better than I WAS.

I’m still fatigued, that’s a given, I’m ALWAYS fatigued no matter how much sleep I get, I’m constantly exhausted.  But with this supplement in my daily routine I have so much more energy than I did before.  This vitamin makes me feel great and I know it’s because of the goodness inside those two capsules I take every morning (and some times every night as well).  I can’t spend another day without them, I’m THAT serious about these.   I can feel a huge difference in my energy levels.

What’s so awesome about these vitamins?

  • Designed especially for women.  The below in bold is taken from the website.
    • Breast Health – Vitamins D and E
    • Reproductive System – Folate, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc
    • Bone Strength – Vitamins A, C, D, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc
    • Healthy Skin – Vitamins A, C, Copper, Iron
    • Heart Health – Vitamin B Complex, Vitamins C and E
    • Optimal Digestion – Live Probiotics and Enzymes, Vitamin D
  • It is a RAW product: uncooked, and has no binders such as: Fructose, Maltodextrin, Magnesium Stearate or Corn Starch.
  • It is made out of fruits and vegetables
  • You can break open the capsules and add them to smoothies if you have trouble swallowing pills.
  • Friendly for ALL diets: gluten free, dairy free, and Raw.
  • Contains a live Pro-biotic.

I am so happy with these vitamins, I recommend them to everyone I know.  They really are so wonderful!  Try them, I promise you’ll love them too!



Review: Burt’s Bees 4 Hour Ultra Conditioning



Alright, first, a little more information about me, to help explain why I hate this product.  And I mean hate it, if I didn’t loose chapstick so fucking much I would throw this out.

I work at a college, in an ice cream/bake shop.  It is incredibly dry in there, the A.C. runs ALL YEAR.  I live in a town that is 30 minutes from the Canadian boarder.  We are so far north that we aren’t even included in the “Northern New York” category.  We are called “The North Country.”  Yeah, what does that tell you?  No mans land, between Northern New York and Canada… it is frigid, full of snow and the air sucks all the moisture out of peoples faces.  That’s how it snows so much, the air robs us of all our bodies moisture, pulls it up into the clouds and it comes back down to us in the form of snow.

I also have a condition called: Dermatillomania.  What this means is that I have a problem with picking my skin.  I have two focused areas: around my nails(including cuticles sometimes) and my lips.  I also pop pimples/blackheads obsessively some times.  I obsessively pick at my lip when it gets VERY dry and rough, I can’t help it, I want my lips to be smooth.  Same with my fingers.  It is considered a form of OCD and an anxiety disorder.  I know what my triggers are.  So it is very important for me to have moisturizing products.  When I eat well and exercise I do not pick at my fingers, when I eat poorly I pick and pick.  My skin is very dry and I do my best to constantly apply lotion and lip balm to resist the urge to pick at my rough/dry skin.  It’s gross, I know, but it’s important to talk about.

That being said, I need to make sure my lips are tip-top shape.  I need great balms and lots of moisture to protect me from myself basically.  Embarrassing.

So one day, I’m on my way to work and my lips are DESTROYED.  So much I have a sore in the middle of my bottom lip, it aches and I need help.  I stop into the college store and head for the Burt’s Bees.  I use their cuticle cream for my fingers and it works like a charm.  Their lip balms have the same effect and I am desperate, I need something ASAP so I can control myself.  I’m so excited when I see this product: Ultra Moisturizing 4 hour moisturization.  I buy it and head straight to work, slapping it on as I walk in the door.  Let me tell you a little about this product…

*It smells AWFUL and leaves a funny feeling/taste in my mouth.

*It’s pushing that whole “4 hour” thing, it’s more like 4 minutes.

*It does not absorb, it just sits on top of my lips like coconut oil.

*It does not even BEGIN to moisturize, it’s so thin it can barely stay on my lips without evaporating.

*I get the urge to apply more, and more, and more… trying to trick myself into thinking that it works.

*It costs MORE than the effective product!

As I type this, I’ve applied it 3 times… THREE times, because I’m desperate, but I feel like it’s just drying my lips out MORE.

BURT!  You’ve let me down!

*Sad Face*


Reviews: Deodorant


I was really excited to try out a more natural deodorant.  After learning about the toxic ingredients in our underarm products I really wanted to make a switch.  Some ingredients I’ve trying to avoid:

1. Aluminum, and other metals: These block pores and don’t allow us to sweat.  Sweating is natural and helps us regular our body temperature and rid ourselves of the toxins we are exposed to in every day living.  Why would we want to keep that in?  The times I didn’t want to sweat: Prom, My Wedding, in front of my Ex (but I mean who can predict that right?) that’s about it.  Aluminum is also associated with messing with our estrogen, breast cancer/prostate cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

2. Parabens: a preservative that mimics estrogen, once again leading to cancers.  Parabens are said to cause early puberty and breast tumors.  I like my breasts the way they are thank you.

3. Propylene glycol: causes damage to our central nervous system, liver, heart, and skin.  Apparently this toxin is also in some natural products as well.  Scary.

4. Triclosan:  pesticide used as an antibacterial agent and preservative.  Oh and every time you put this stuff on your body, and take a shower (if you don’t have well/spring water) it becomes a chloroform gas, carcinogenic. Also a BIG no-no if you are breast feeding.

So, with this information I went shopping at my local co-op, which usually carries pretty natural products.  I immediate wanted to try Tom’s Of Maine, because I have always loved this brand.  They only had one scent left at the time, so I grabbed it off the shelf without a second thought.  I’ve been using it for about 2 months now.

The Bad:

1. It’s rated as a 3 in the EWG’s Skin Deep Data Base.  A three is alright, not ideal, but still ok.  The reason it’s rated so high is the fragrance, which rates a WHOPPING 8!   It’s rated so high because of risks for allergies, irritations(skin, eyes, lungs), and organ system toxicity.  But what the EWG is concerned about in this product is the fact that Tom’s has “Fragrance” on their label, which could mean ANYTHING.  According to EWG: About FRAGRANCE: The word “fragrance” or “parfum” on the product label represents an undisclosed mixture of various scent chemicals and ingredients used as fragrance dispersants such as diethyl phthalate. Fragrance mixes have been associated with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress and potential effects on the reproductive system.”  So in other words: sneaky.

2. It does a really, really bad job.  It smells good, but it doesn’t keep the BO down.  Lucky for me I don’t really sweat much, I’m usually FREEZING all day long, so that helps.  But going to the gym?  Forget it.  That is all a deodorant is good for… so really what is left to say right?

The Good:

1. It’s a nice smelling product… and the tube will be useful for when I make my own deodorant… yup.

So all and all, it didn’t work for me.


Queen Helene Aloe Deodorant Stick, 2.7 Ounce -- 6 per case.

This did.

Queen Helene was never a brand I gave a lot of thought to growing up, in terms of just how awesome a line it is.  I use to love their Masks ❤ in middle and high school.  But by the time I hit college I somehow stopped using these.  I’m glad I did now due to their higher rating on the EWG scale, which is such a shame because I see these in natural food stores ALL the time.  But even knowing this I grabbed a stick of this Aloe scented deodorant out of desperation.

I love it.  I don’t want to love it, but I do.  No Aluminum, Proplene Glycol or Parabens.  Off to a great start!

The other ingredients worry me a little, but because they ALL seem to be chemicals and there is no information on them in the EWG database.  I guess however this is a much better alternative to Tom’s and I shouldn’t complain TOO hard because I’m too lazy to make my own deodorant right now.



New Additions To The Closet

After a shopping trip to my local mall the other day I picked up some new pieces for my wardrobe.  Marking a few things off my long, long list of needs.  I made the choice to pick up some basics.

1. The Portofino Shirt

2. A Pair of Light Wash Jeans (well… light for ME any way)

3. A faux leather jacket with quilt texture.

100_0439 100_0444 100_0440100_0430

100_0438  100_0447100_0450100_0449

The best part was I signed up for an Express card and got 15% off, PLUS I had a coupon for $120 off $200 SCORE.  AND the woman who cashed me out was able to take another $75 off my purchase.  I got so much for so little!!!  There will be more to come.

Portofino Shirt: Express $59.50 on sale BOGO for $19.90 (I did get two).

(Minus the leather) Quilted Sleeve Jacket: Express $138.00 on sale for $96.60

Jeans: Maurices similar item here

Jewelry: Old

Lips: Tokidoki (discontinued)

Eyes: Maybelline 24hr tattoo shadow in Deep Forest.

Baby’s First Salt Lamp and Mommy Get’s Lucky.

So two posts today!  Again!

Last night I was browsing the internet and as I mentioned I am in LOVE with the Isle Of You boutique in my little town.  They NEVER have sales *cry* and I mean never, I almost died the day I saw they were selling Ugg Boots for 30% off.  So when I viewed their Facebook page last night and saw *GASP* they were having a ONE DAY ONLY, ONCE A YEAR, ONCE A FUCKING LIFETIME.  Sale.  I almost died, I think I fell out of my chair, maybe I’m actually dead and this is some weird dream my mind made up in the afterlife???

The other reason I almost died?  I spent all my money, I had not a dime.  Death.

So, I told my husband, I begged, he said “no” there was swearing involved, tears, sadness…

But I called the store anyway, I HAD to know.  I needed a the jeans I had seen on the clearance rack.  A beautiful pair of Lucky Brand Jeans that fit me like a glove.  Beautiful, originally $119 jeans that I Just-Couldn’t-JUSTIFY.  Marched down to $91… that I still couldn’t bare to do, and it’s been haunting me since that day.  So I dialed, I called.  The sale was only for 3 hours, 9-midnight, so strange, yet so right.

A sales girl answered, happy, cheerful, I could hear women screaming and laughing behind her, I was dying inside.

Girl: “Isle Of You?”

Me: “Hi, yes, are you offering additional off your clearance tonight?”

Girl: “Everything on the clearance rack is $20 tonight”

Twenty Dollars… TWENTY-MOTHER-FUCKING-DOLLARS.  It’s worth the curse words, worth every obscenity.  This clearance rack is full of 7 Jeans, Packed with Free People, Bursting with Lucky… for $20 a piece.  I looked to my husband, and mouthed the words “$20.”  He sighed, called the bank, and transferred $100 into his checking.  Gave me the debit card with a look in his eye, begging “Please, don’t spend $100.”

I ran out of the house.  Booked it down the street, weaving in and out of women all heading to the Isle.  I dove into the rack outside the store… but there were no jeans… ARGH!!!??!

I asked the girl and she directed me to the table, where neatly folded rows of jeans stared at me $25 each, $5 more than I was quoted, but I couldn’t even.  I’m basic.

I dug through the piles… the jeans weren’t there… so I grabbed all the others in size 32, the highest size the store carried and rushed to a fitting room… only to be broken hearted when I realized they were all “Super Skinny” Style.  I am not “super skinny” in any form of the word, I never will be, I have calves the size of my head.  I couldn’t get the jeans passed my knee.  I sulked out of the dressing room.  Defeated.  I went back to the table and put my jeans away, because I’m a retail bitch, I know what’s up.  The store was full of women, grabbing things off the rack and I had missed my chance.  The store owner stepped to my side, beautiful lady she is, all style and flair, I want to look like her when I’m older.  She asks if she can help me.  I tell her of my sadness, that I loved these jeans, but they were gone, I had missed my chance.  She steps closer, pulls the top pair off the pile, and hands them to me.  I look down… it’s the jeans.  My jeans… right in front of me.  She smiles, I hug my pants.  I got Lucky with Lucky’s.

100_0400 100_0401 100_0405100_0403 100_0406


Express Top: $49.90 (BOGO 19.90 right now!)

Fioni Heels: $34.99 at Payless

Lucky Jeans: I paid $25 you can find them here for $69.30

I love them, I’m so freaking happy!  $25 how the Hell can you beat that??

So while I’m been walking around in my happy cloud, I got MORE joy in the mail!

My son Henry has been having a LOT of trouble sleeping lately, and I mean a LOT.  He wakes up screaming every night at 12:30ish and won’t sleep again until 6 a.m., then is back up at 7:30, it’s messing me up.  Lately I’ve taken to sleeping in hsi crib with him, on in an armchair in his room.  So I thought, perhaps some nice, calming light in his room would help him stay settled?  It couldn’t hurt right?  And I didn’t want to go with a conventional night light, I’m afraid he will pull it out of his wall.  Plus if I am going to spend the money, it might as well be for something I love, in case my thought on the light helping him was dead wrong.  I hate to waste money.  So I settled on a salt lamp.

Himalayan Salt Lamp with Neem Wood Base


My son loves it so far, besides trying to eat it, he loves the light haha.  It’s beautiful and VERY heavy.  The salt is flaking off a little, but I expected that with the rough cut one.  I would have loved to order the smooth, ball shaped lamp, but I have a feeling my son would have been kept up all night pointing at it yelling “bwall!!!”

H100_0417 100_0415  100_0411 100_0409   100_0413

That’s all for today



Review: Color Tattoo 24hr Leather Collection

Last week I received a surprise gift in the mail from a long lost friend <3.  I can’t tell you how happy getting a package in the mail makes me!  Especially when it’s make up.

The Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo cream shadow is one of my favorites!  I know, not natural ingredients but cheap is cheap.  I love to use this stuff as a base, a colour AND a primer, it’s so nice, the colours are brilliant and pigmented, and they are extremely long lasting.  I love to use the pink champagne shade as a base for a day time smokey eye.  So I can’t tell you how excited I was that I was sent their new “Leather” line.


From left to right: Deep Forest, Creamy Beige, and Vintage Plum.

These are all so beautiful, I’m so in love!  The Deep Forest has a muddy look to it, mossy and deep it looks so nice with a brown powder pressed into it, a great fall shade.  The colours are all buildable and blendable, the isn’t a HUGE variation between this green and a brown so it’s pretty versatile.


Sorry about the shitty photo, my face is all scarred up from a horrendous fight between me and my dresser drawer… the dresser won.


Swatches from left to right: Creamy Beige, Deep Forest, and Vintage Plum.

The beige is pretty dark and clay-like, it works really well on it’s own, and also as a great primer for other shadows.

I’m obsessed with the vintage plum!


It’s so beautiful, and once again, AWESOME with brown shadow pressed in.  I love this line, they are everything that the original formula of Color Tattoo are, and the shades are extremely wearable, even for pale people like myself.  They are worth the under $10 price tag, and if you’re lucky like me and you have a Walgreens near you, you can often pick these up for Buy- One- Get- One half off.



Review: Eureka!

While shopping at my local Walmart- Super Center the other day, I found myself in the bread aisle.  While we usually survive off Ezekiel bread in our house, money has been a little tight so we’ve been forced to venture else where for our bread needs.  Usually finding ourselves buying bread from Aldi’s (at less than a $1 a loaf during hard times, how could we not?) or at Walmart.  This trip I ventured over to the bread aisle in search of Wild Oats bread, which we have become fond of in our home, it runs about $3 a loaf, not too shabby.  While grabbing a couple loafs of the oatmeal version I happen to glance around, only to discover an ORGANIC brand staring me in the face.  Organic bread?  Not in the freezer?  At Walmart?  That can’t be right!

But oh, it was right, and oh did I do a happy dance!!!

Photo: Stay stocked. Check out our store locator at

I’ve never seen organic bread like this, and I mean NEVER.  We have to deal with Ezekiel bread, which don’t get me wrong, has a special place in my heart.  I love Ezekiel bread, I love the texture, the springiness it has to it… but it goes bad fast, and I hate keeping my bread in my refrigerator… weird yes, but I do, I really do.  And to be honest, my son is NOT a fan, he will eat it as toast… but a sandwich is out of the question.  So when we were spending $5 or more on a loaf of bread that my son didn’t care for and that my husband couldn’t be bothered to offer up one single fuck about… it was starting to make less and less sense to buy it.

Enter now… Eureka! bread.

I bought all three varieties: “Grainiac” “Saaa- Wheat!” and “Seeds the day”… I know, how freaking cute?!?!

And it’s got a picture of Archimedes on the package.    ARCHIMEDES.  What is not to love about this bread?  From what I see it’s just pure goodness, it even has quinoa in it.  And I love quinoa.

So I had to buy it, I had to try it… it’s SO GOOD.  Best prepackaged bread I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.  It’s soft, chewy and full of flavor.  I can’t find a single thing to dislike about this product.  The slices are smaller than a lot of breads on the market, but let’s be honest with ourselves, those slices are kind of gigantic.

I had to share about this product, it is so amazing, and I’m so obsessed with it now.  I will forever buy Eureka! Organic bread!  At $4 a loaf it’s still a TAD pricey, but it’s high quality, organic, a great sized loaf and it actually has the same texture as white bread.  It’s worth $4, I will cut corners else where to buy this product.  Plus I’m saving at least $1 per loaf by switching from Ezekiel to Eureka!  And room in my freezer/fridge to boot.



Splurge vs. Steals

Hey there!  It’s been a long, long two weeks since I’ve posted.  I’ve had a lot of looks I wanted to share on here, but I just never had the time/energy to do it.  It’s been a hard few weeks with my son (who turned 2 on Tuesday), he is refusing to sleep past midnight, or being extremely difficult if I don’t sleep with him in his crib.  Needless to say, I’m a little tired from running on less than an hour of sleep every night.  But enough about toddler troubles.

Recently, my husband came into a little bit of money, that we were able to use to pay off our outstanding bills and we were each able to put aside $500 for ourselves to spend as we pleased.  I, of course, wanted to update my wardrobe a little.  The things I’ve been really really wanting were: booties, a new winter jacket, a classic black blazer, and a pair of high end jeans.  We have a beautiful little boutique in our town called The Isle Of You, that sells True Religion and other similar brands, as well as their own store brand.  I have ALWAYS wanted a pair of jeans that didn’t come from Kohls, Sears, Jcpenny, Walmart and similar stores.  This is the place I wanted to grab a pair, and I did, but I put them on layaway.  They were a little snug for me at the time, but I have until the end of the year to pay them off or return them, so I’ll see how well they fit in December.  They look great on, but were a little uncomfortable.  ANYWAY…

We (my husband, son and I) made a day trip to our local “mall” which consists of the following stores:

Sears (closing in January) I’ll be returning to work there for the last few months they are open, I’ll be buying loads of clothing for myself, my husband and especially my son.  With the liquidation discount + my 20%, I should be leaving there with bags of clothes for the same price or less than a 2nd hand store.


Olympia Sports

Payless Shoes

Maurices (we have one of the largest ones)




Kay Jewelers

Encore Shoe Department

The Deb


Along with a few individual owned shops with hippie/country themed items, and a “gym”… but that’s pretty much it for shopping.  Which is why I say “Mall.”  So shopping doesn’t take long.

My first stop was Payless Shoes.  I don’t usually shop at this store, but I was definitely on the search for shoes that trip so I figured I would take a quick look inside and I’m SO glad I did.

#1: Splurge Vs. Steal


Splurge: Giorgio Armani Suede Lace-up boots.  $825.


Steal: Fioni Jetset Navy Platform Oxford. $34.99.  Payless.

I actually like the design of this oxford better than the Giorgio, I love that it’s in navy, and is such an unexpected colour.  For a better image click on the link.  This also has a 4 1/2 our of 5 rating.  Score.

#2 Splurge Vs. Steal


Splurge: Jimmy Choo Black Coarse Metallic Leather Ankle Boots.  $995.


Steal: Fergalicious By Fergie Misty-T Bootie.  $39.98 at Shoe Department.

#3 Splurge Vs. Steal


Splurge: Paul Green “Topaz”  Suede Peep Toe Bootie.  $412


Steal: Maurices Shelby Bootie in Gray. $10 was $39.99.  On clearance.

#4 Splurge Vs. Steal


Splurge: Kate Spade New York, Lexy Leather Buckle Ankle Boots.  $398.  Saks.


Steal: Jellypop Caramel Boots.  $39.98.  Shoe Department.

I hope you liked my first splurge vs. steal post!

I’m a proud slut.

According to men on the internet, I am a slut.

I like Lemons

I like Emma Watson

I don’t like when men yell at me out their windows.

I like to wear boots with jeans.

I don’t like to wear mock turtle necks.

I am a supporter of LGBTA and pretty much every one who isn’t an asshole.

I believe that a plant based, or a diet heavily based with plant-foods with little meat and dairy- is the healthiest diet.

I cut my hair short.

I don’t like when a grown man calls me “mommy”

I don’t like that birth control is still an issue… why is it STILL an issue???

I like to tell my man what I want.

I don’t like being told what to do by a man who is my equal in the work place.

I don’t like when my co-worker twisted my nipples.

I want to wear what I am comfertable in.

I do not want to smile on command.  I don’t like being told to smile by strange men.

I like to take care of my man and my child, if you are not my man or my son, it is not my job to take care of you.  I am not a hooker or a nurse.

I like to wear lipstick.

I like to wear eye shadow.

Sometimes, yoga pants are what I want to wear that day, especially if, you know, I’m GOING to yoga.


According to the internet, these things are the definition of “Slut.”

I am proud, to be a slut.