Work Outfit

So as you may or may not know (depending greatly on if I told you or not) I work in retail at an unnamed store… which if you actually pay attention I’m sure you’ll figure out in no time.  Working in retail is a bitch mostly because a lot of stores have a dress code.  Mine happens to involve colours as well as types of clothing allowed.  My colours are: Black, White and Blue tops/ Black or Khaki bottoms.  So this is one of the blander outfits I put together for work today.


I really need to stop being lazy and start using my digital camera for pictures, I can’t even properly show my makeup with the camera on my phone, oh well.Sweater: JCPenny’s/ tank top: Sears/ Pants: Kohl’s/ Sneakers: Sears

Lipstick: Lancome/ foundation: Clinique/ eye shadow: Avon/ Mascara: L’Oreal/ luminizer: Hard Candy/ Mascara: Nars.


Stain on my pants brought to you by:



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