Sears, Kohl’s, and JcPenny’s

So did a lot of shopping lately, but I’m a sucker of free stuff, awesome coupons and clearance 😛

First off Kohl’s


First of all, I got all of this for FREE.

Ten pieces of summer clothing for my son cost me nothing at all, how crazy is that?  I don’t even understand it!  All I know is that I went down to Watertown NY to buy a new car earlier this month and my mother and I happen to stop in at the Kohl’s (we don’t have one in my area so it’s always nice to stop in to my favorite stores when I’m out of town <3).  I ended up buying a pair of Candy’s Wedge Sneakers (originally $69.99, I paid $39.99), a Studio 9 Wallet ($21.99), and a bracelet ($5.99 on clearance).  My mother also purchased a few items for herself, our total bill wasn’t very large but Kohl’s gave us $70 in “Come Back Cash.”  That’s almost as much as we spent all together!  Then as I was walking out, a woman gave me her $10 in come back cash as well.  $80!  So when I returned home, the next day I ordered my son a whole bunch of summer clothing.  I was able to get my order to total just enough so that my shipping would be covered for free as well.  :).



Total: $18.30

Skirts: $10 each

Earrings: $8

I was sent a $10 off a $25 purchase coupon from JCP.

I’m in love with the super bright colours that all the stores are coming out with this spring!  I can’t get enough of them!  These two skirts are from JCP’s “Decree” brand.  I’ve added the link to the skirts I purchased, and I can’t wait to wear them!  I have fat legs so I love that these are super cute maxi’s with a short skirt under a transparent layer, so I won’t feel so self-conscious.  Plus they are very cute, breezy, light and comfortable.  And the earrings are so cute!  I love the fact I can wear corals (which I’m all about this summer) without actually committing to it when I don’t feel like putting a whole outfit together.




Total: $6

Tights/Leggings: $3 each

Socks: $.99 each

So first off I always look for green tag clearance at Sears.  Green tag is suppose to be the “last mark down.”  So it means it’s as cheap as it’s going to get pretty much.  So when I saw these tights on the rack I had to grab them, two pairs are a nice light purple/mauve colour with cute patterns that will look nice under a LBD.  I also grabbed a pair of capri style leggings in a grayish shade, along with just a plan brown pair of socks.  I got them all at a good price because of Sears’s rewards program.  Once again Sears offered 25% back in rewards points, so I ended up getting a pair of tights for free.




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