The JcP skirt <3

Once again I have to apologize, I have to take pictures with my phone…

Recently I posted about a haul from Jcpenny’s and I finally got around to wearing the skirt, it was FREEZING that day sadly but I couldn’t help myself.  I really love it!  I paired it with a dark teal lingerie style tank-top, that I let droop a bit in the chest area to let my decorative “bra” peek through (since I’m not really into the bare-midriff trend, as a friend would say “if you don’t got it, don’t flaunt it.”)  Also that is not a mark on my skirt, just on the mirror :-P.



Camisole: Kohl’s

Skirt: JcPenny’s

Shoes: Sears

Earrings: Jcpenny’s

Bra: Victoria’s secret

I also just noticed that the picture of my sandals makes it look like my little toe is a nub haha.


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