New hair and Ombre Eyes

So I got my hair cut and I hate it, the sad part is it’s my fault.  Usually I like to go into the hair dressers with a photo because I really can’t explain things very well… and the tragedy is my bangs were murdered.


So to try and make myself feel better I tried out an Ombre eye look using my Avon Mega Palette I used a light yellowish color on the inter corners of my eyes, a light lime green on the middle and a greenish blue on the outer corners.  I also brought the blue around to line my eyes.  I like how it looks, I just wish I could have gotten a better picture.  Sadly I don’t like taking direct photos of my eyes, they’re sadly always bloodshot :(.


Eyes: Avon Mega Palate

Lips: Smashbox in Starlit

Foundation: Clinique Even Better MakeUp

Blush: Avon Mega Palate


Necklace: Avon


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