Things I’m obsessing over lately

1. I have been OBSESSED with July Talk. The lead singer=sexy. The lead female= the blonde Karen O and I adore them!!!

2. Tove Lo- saying everything I have ever felt after a break up.

3. I am getting married this August, things have been busy, busy, busy and I am really looking forward to trying to get back into this blog. I’ve been eating crap the last few weeks and haven’t been exercising due to a wonderful bug that is ripping my system apart. HOWEVER, at the beginning of this blog I weighted about 220lb, I am now between 175-180. Super stoked, I’ve been exercising, eating mostly organic foods and drinking TONS of Kombucha… which is my #3.

Kombucha at beginning and end of fermentation

I have been making my own Kombucha, mostly because I drink the G.T. brand religiously and thought I would give it a shot. I’m not super impressed by my first batch(these are not pictures of anything I brewed but they look the same). I think I let mine ferment for WAY to long, so I’m going to give my next brew a shorter amount of time to sit.

4. Yoga! I am trying to lead a holistic, peaceful, stress free life style. Yoga felt like a no brainier and I love it! It makes me feel beautiful, accomplished, and relaxed and I was doing it every day, now I haven’t been but I plan to take it up again.

5. A new me. I have lost weight, I plan to keep loosing. I want to be happy with myself and the way I look. I am very close to achieving that goal. This being said, I will be making drastic changes to my look to create a newer, better me. How will I do it? By doing EVERYTHING I wanted to do to my body that I was too afraid to do before. I hid for far too long and I want to stand out for once in my life, with confidence. First off: I’m piercing my nose with a beautiful gold ring. Next, immediately upon the return from my honey moon I am chopping all my hair off. And finally, getting some mad ink to remind myself of my life style choices and goals. These new tats will keep me focused on the positive path. Here are all my plans, depicted in photos stolen from around the internet!

Namaste Sanskrit: I plan to stick this on the inside of my wrist.

“Om”: right on the back of my neck, where it an peek out from under my new do.

The Hamsa: I want this on the back of one of my legs.
For years I NEVER showed my legs. And I mean never. This year was the first year I’ve worn shorts… since I was 5. Yeah, my legs were white as cigarettes. I can now walk around in a pair of shorts without being terrified of someone staring at me. I can wear dresses without sobbing when I realize I don’t have any tights to wear. I am not even close to my goal… but every day is a new day to make my life what I want. It’s a day less that I have to feel ashamed, and it’s a day that I gain to be comfortable in my skin, to keep up with my beautiful boy, and to go pain free.

Finally: The Hair.

I want to chop off all my hair, and get these shorter cuts… I swore for YEARS I would never cut my hair, but as I get older, and as my son get’s crazier… it’s time to cut it. I’m excited for these changes. I am having a fantastic year. I will be marrying the man of my life in August and sailing off to the Bahamas… then come home to return to work GAH.



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