What I wore: Henry and Me time <3

Had a massive laundry day yesterday! (STILL PUTTING IT AWAY!) About 10 loads and I probably have more to do tomorrow. I don’t know how I still have so much after getting rid of three bags of larger clothes, that I no longer fit into. I also cleaned out my sons closet of at least 4 garbage bags… yet we are still over run!










These were the only picture out of 50 that I could get to turn out semi-ok with my new camera.  Oh well.

I love the transparent trend!  Especially since I bought this skirt in March of last year (and it was on clearance so it was out of season!).  I thought I would pair the two of them together: ultra transparent on the bottom with a white opaque skirt beneath the neon pink wispy fabric.  And a more toned down transparency on the top, the thick zig-zags distract from noticing right away that you can see through it.  I actually didn’t realize it was transparent until my fiance and I were out one day and after a few hours he pointed it out to me!  I guess it took him a while to notice as well.  I ❤ it.


Shirt: Sears (on Clearance!!!!)

Skirt: Jcpenny(old) similar item here

Sun Glasses (old): Debs

Locket: Local Shop.



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