So I had to go shopping for my up coming cruise in August. Honey Moon baby! Anyway, my mother took us on a shopping trip down to the Kohl’s in Watertown NY. I have to say when I first went in I went straight for JLo, Lauren Conrad, Vera Wang… and found NOTHING. (Well one Lauren Conrad dress, but that’s tomorrow :-P). I was so sad, all their clothing is so cute, but nothing for me. I ended up looking with my mother in a section I had avoided because it seemed like there was nothing but older women shopping there… glad I went. I don’t normally associate the brand “Chaps” with clothing that I’m interested. Perhaps I’m just getting older, or maybe their clothing is getting better, who knows… but I ended up buying three dresses. Two of which were very Joan Harris- Mad Men style, and the shape wear I bought was super sexy. Kind of wish I could just wear the shape wear around the cruise ;).


All the make up in the world won’t cover Mount Megan.


Nor any amount of bang!



The shoes I’ll be wearing with my wedding dress!  Thought I would wear them around today, break them in, make sure I don’t kill myself on the big day!




Chaps maxi dress!  I plan to wear this around the cruise ship, and out shopping the local wears.


All my pictures I ended up cropping out the side of the couch… but I hated to cut this beautiful painting out.  My man’s beautiful works of art <3.


Dress:  Kohls $82.

Shoes: Vera Wang I paid $74 but they are on sale NOW for $42!!

Earrings: Avon (old)

Lip Stick: Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick in Solar Crush


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