Meet Megan Michaud.

I still can’t get over the fact that I’m married! It feels like starting over, being a new person and it’s amazing. To celebrate a new me, to kick start getting back on the healthy track and stop the late night Taco Bell deliciousness… I chopped off all my hair. I did a J-Law, literally, that is the cut I chose.

IMG_5082My sexy face 😉 haha.




IMG_5078The side looks a little odd, but lucky for me I can’t see it!

I actually really like it, it is taking some time to get use to but I feel like a new person every time I look in the mirror now!


Also a new bag I picked up on the cruise ship!  I have never owed a name brand bag before and I was so excited when I found out the store was selling Guess bags for 50% off.  This was $96 and I got it for $48 (no tax on the ship!).


Also a little cuff bracelet I got in Key West ❤ I know it’s a shitty picture but I wanted to show it off.


My husband in his new fedora <3, I’m stealing it.




My husband and I plan to get octopus tattoos to remember our honey moon.  I REALLY like both these designs, I realize the second picture is a pair of tights, but I love the octopus and the location on her leg.  Also I adore the first one and it’s position as well!  I can’t make up my mind, and I have a huge list of tattoos already haha. 



octopus-tattoos-on-thigh il_570xN.169490678


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