Kimono love, berry fever, and things irking me.

Ugh so I just HAVE TO VENT. I was/am in LOVE with the site: Total Beauty.  When I first found it I reviewed every thing on there, got to expert level status, got to test products in the mail and even won some as well… NOW?  Not only have I not seen those perks in a while (which I realize is probably because so many people are at the “elite” level now), BUT I cannot go onto their site without being bombarded by Kristin Bell talking about Neutrogena Naturals.  I was so stoked to see that being promoted of course, even though it isn’t really super natural but it’s closer then anything else you would find in the drug store, save a few brands.  But every time I want to read an article, the video plays, or if I happen to accidentally move my mouse over it, it plays. In the middle of the article, the whole screen will turn into one big ad… come on now.  I use to love going to the site, I use to comment all the time, review products constantly, but now I feel like ripping my hair out every time I hear her voice.  End rant.


So to continue… I am in love with the kimono trend lately.  I recently bought my first kimono shirt yesterday after coveting every one I saw online.  I was originally going to buy a couple from Forever 21, but since I went to the mall to pay off my Sears card I thought I would look around… and had no luck.  Maurices had nothing, Sears and JcPenny didn’t even know what I was asking for… *Sigh* so I left, defeated.  On my way home however I thought I would take a chance and stop into Rue 21 and TJMax to see if they had any at all.  I went to Rue first, just because I really didn’t have a large budget to spend, $20 TOPS and that was mostly change I found in my couch.  After looking around for a few minutes I stumbled upon one, shoved into the back of a rack and I got that wonderful shopping feeling <3.  I grabbed it up, took it to the register and realized I HAD A COUPON… YAY!!!!  It was only $16 to start and I left the store after only paying $14.  Kick ass.  But the kimono fever didn’t stop there… I love how it looks, it’s so light and fun and I’m just obsessing over it… so I bought one from Forever 21 anyways… and some pants.  I’ve never ordered from there before and I’m really excited to see what the quality is like.

  00058833-01 00121423-02

I added links in the pictures in case any one is interested in these.  I think they look super cute, I’m not sure what I’ll be wearing with the pants though.

Kimono style- my husband says I’m very 80’s today.


I love it, I also love stealing my husbands hat to add to the look.


Another trend I was all about trying was the berry lip.  Yesterday I walked down to my local Kinney Drugs (which is a local Up State NY thing).  With a list in my hand of recommended colours and brands.  I ended up with Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in: Deepest Cherry.




I also grabbed these babies, they are $2 each!  Cover Girl Blastflipstick Blendable duo in Flashy and Glimmer.  As well as Cover Girl Flamed out shadow pencil in Hot Pink.


I only paid $14 for these four items.


Lipstick: Maybelline

Kimono Shirt: Rue 21


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