27 People Explain Why They Walked Out In The Middle Of A Date

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Leo / (Shutterstock.com) Leo / (Shutterstock.com)

Found on AskReddit.

1. He tried to force me to wear a red wig.

Oh, yes. Blind date. This was years ago, but I won’t forget this guy. My well-meaning cousin set this one up. Was supposed to be a dinner and a movie date. Pretty typical stuff. He picks me up and looks mildly annoyed. I greet him happily and attempt to engage him conversation. He seems very distracted. We get to the restaurant, and he pulls this red wig from his back seat, and asks in complete seriousness if I’d wear it. I stare at him in confusion. No idea where this is going. He goes on to explain he’s trying to make his ex-girlfriend jealous and has been telling everyone he’s dating a redhead. I’m a brunette. He was unhappy I wore my hair down as that would mean it would…

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