How To Keep Your Closet Clean (For Shopaholics)

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Cleaning out your closet sucks. It especially sucks if you’re a borderline shopaholic with frenetic, eclectic taste like me. I mean, you name it, I’ve probably got it. I’ve got a full ball skirt with a train, several fur coats, overalls, three pairs of cowboy boots, a pair of Viktor & Rolf ruby red slippers … I know it sounds a little like a costume shop in my closet, and to be honest, occasionally it feels that way too.

I just deeply love clothes and the way I can change myself depending upon my outfit. I worked retail for several years and got an amazing discount, and I always find inspiration at the thrift store or my favorite resale shops. So yeah, I have a lot of clothes.

That being said, I’m very good about cycling through my clothing and keeping my closet as efficient as possible. So…

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  1. Elifnaz · September 8, 2014

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