13 Clueless Statements That Drive People Who Know About Nutrition Crazy

These KILL me!!! Diet soda is unbelievably bad for you, I’m shocked it’s even legal… sports drinks contain chemicals in them that are illegal in other countries because they are so disgustingly unhealthy… yet we allow them her in the states. Avocados are high in fat but it’s GOOD fat, it’s not the same as eating fries soaked in grease. And anything you get from Mcdonalds is NOT healthy, let’s be real people The chicken is injected with sodium, the lettuce is void of nutrients from being prepackaged, it’s soaked in pesticides and is most likely GMO. The dressing is packed full of sugar… need I go on? I work at a Cake and Ice Cream shop, I don’t eat there. In the shop we market smoothies to college students as “healthy” because they are “made from real fruit, have no HFCS!” BUT they are packed full of preservatives, maltodextrin, and dye… please tell me if it is made out of strawberries, why do you have to dye it red??? I see people coming in from the gym, and treating themselves to ice cream or getting one of these smoothies with added protein or fat burner. It’s not going to help… End Rant.

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1. “I stopped eating fruit because of the carbs/sugar.”

There’s no reason to eliminate an entire food group from your diet. The reason some foods have carbs and sugars is because our bodies need them to survive. Eating a piece of fruit isn’t the same as eating a super-refined carb like bread or a spoonful of white sugar.

2. “I read about this great diet in Cosmo, so now I’m doing it.”

Listen, the job of a magazine writer isn’t to make you healthy — it’s to sell you a magazine. The version of the story you’re getting is the one they think will get you to buy the issue and talk about it. Take it with a grain of salt — or better yet, cross-reference it with articles from more reputable sources (like this one, run by dietetics).

3. “I don’t like avocados because they have so…

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  1. antonella_7694 · September 12, 2014

    Lovely post,dear! :))

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