Drug Store Lip Products I LOVE.

So I am completely obsessed with a couple lip products that I am able to actually FIND in my area. I am surrounded by drug stores and Wal-Mart. We are seriously lacking in the ULTA and SEPHORA department. Our local mall (which is 30 minutes away) has ONE beauty country in the whole place, and it’s a Bon-Ton… so yeah. I was planning on gushing about these two products and I see someone on Total Beauty has beat me to one of them. So I’m doing a double post. ❤

Love #1: Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm.

So a while back I saw on the Burt’s Bees display: what looked to be jumbo sized lip balms.  They are in a thick dark cardboard tube with a colourful end sticking up to display the colour of the product.  I was really excited, thinking this would be a funky product to check out, so I quickly grabbed one in Hibiscus and headed home.  To my surprise the cardboard is just crazy packaging… honestly, out of the tube came a chap-stick… completely threw me off guard.  When I took off the cap a nice orange colour met my eyes and I immediately tried it on in the bathroom.  Upon layering it I found a GORGEOUS hue built up on my lips and it felt like I only had chapstick on: win-win.  It’s very natural, but bright enough to look like you are wearing something.  With colours inspired by nature and ingredients that aren’t off-the-chart-toxic, I went out and grabbed two more.  I now own them in Hibiscus, Rose, and Sweet Violet.

Burt's Bees Hibiscus Tinted Lip Balm, 0.15 oz

Love #2: Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick

This is probably the best drugstore lipstick I have ever found.  When ever I go to the drug store looking for a lipstick, I immediately head for these.  They have a beautiful colour selection.  The pigment is beautiful, the packaging is perfect.  They stay put really well, even through eating and drinking, and long after there is still a hint of colour left behind like a stain.  I really like that they have a Vivid’s line as well, the colours are crazy beautiful.  I am all about these.

I own these in: Deepest Cherry, Vivid Rose, Totally Toffee, and Warm Me Up.  They are just so amazing.


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