A Victim Going Back To Their Abuser Doesn’t Mean We Should Forgive Domestic Violence

Thought Catalog

A few years ago, a woman with whom I’m extremely close got into a relationship. I didn’t really know a lot about the guy, but something about him just didn’t feel right. They seemed to argue a lot and would have extreme lows where it seemed for sure they’d break up, only to show up the next day like they were the most loving couple in the world. After a few months, her demeanor started to change. She started gaining weight and her personality went from joyous and outgoing to quiet and reclusive.

I was always talking with her and asking what was going on, but with no real response. Finally she started telling me the stories. She told me about how he would threaten to kill her and how he held a knife up to her throat on numerous occasions, telling her that if she ever left he would…

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