Android Phone and Face Masks

Today I got a delivery of what I THOUGHT to be my amazon order. When I opened the box however, there in all it’s wasteful plastic glory, was a wrapped up Android Straight Talk phone. My wonderful husband took it upon himself to order me a nice phone, mostly because he knew that I refused to use my old one out of frustration with the piece of shit. I was so surprised! It’s very unlike him to buy me a gift out of the blue like that. At the moment, seeing as I have no camera, I will be using my phone for any pictures I want to take. Yay!  The quality isn’t TERRIBLE, and God knows my camera isn’t much better… it’s better than nothing.


So after putting my son down for his nap, I hopped on the elliptical for an hour burning 1,100 calories and hoping for the best for my next weight in… I haven’t been doing well, I gained 5 lbs out of no where and they aren’t budging. This does not sit well with me because I worked HARD to take off pounds, and now they are coming back when I need to go down further. I haven’t had the best food day either so I’m thankful I was able to stay on the machine for so long. After I was done I took a much needed shower and thought “what the hell” and slathered on the only face mask I have left. I actually really like this mask, but as I’ve said before I’m looking for most natural alternatives.  I would love to try out making my own products.  But for now Freeman Clay Mask works best for me.  I feel so refreshed after washing it off, it’s definitely my favorite post workout indulgence.



I also tried my hand at a colour block eye today.  But phones and my odd eyelids don’t do it’s justice.


Oh and I really like my outfit today, so here’s a shot of it in a dirty bathroom mirror.  My husband is apparently a big fan of this outfit, his words “I like the way you’ve been dressing lately, very free spirited.”  He’s so neat.


Mask: Freemans Clay Mask

Kimono Top: Forever 21

High waist shorts: Rue 21

Necklace: Sears, old.

Earrings: The Isle Of You (local shop)

Eye liner: Bare Minerals in tuxedo


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