Candida Support

So for the past few days I have been taking NOW Candida Support to try and break free of the terrible sugar cravings I have been feeling.  I went from eating primarily organic and healthy, to just throwing caution to the wind.  After gaining back 5lbs of weight I worked REALLY hard to loose, I realized I needed a change.  Where I work doesn’t exactly help me either.  Working at a college is hard enough in the food service department.  Despite the sad dress code of ALL black with hideous polo shirts, and the choice of a black hat or an ever so sexy hair net, and no- slip shoes… there is the constant temptation with the free meal we get every shift.  The only healthy choice available is the salad bar and the fresh fruit… that’s about it.  Every where else I turn there is a grill with calorie and crap stuffed sandwiches and wraps, a deli with bread packed full of HFCS, a pizza place, a burrito stand, a burger joint, and a pasta station… all of which are delicious.  To make matters worse, I work in the WORST area… the ice cream and cookie shop.  A place where I can sample ice cream, munch on cookies, and stare at super rich, super amazing pieces of chocolate cake, cheese cakes drenched in caramel, and red velvet.  Fuck.  My.  Fat. Ass. It’s hard to be there.  I’m hoping to transfer out of the shop, but it’s a hard choice to make, I currently get 3 days off a week and 29 hours of work… if I transfer I’ll get 2 days off a week… and still only 29 hours.  It’s tough.

So with all this in mind I started researching how to stop the sugar cravings, because DAMN do I crave EVERYTHING in the shop.  When I don’t work there I rarely eat things like that, but when I’m there it’s like my will power stays home.  So I thought, perhaps I had an overgrowth of Candida in my body.  I realized that ever since my wedding and the cruise of crazy awesome foods and sugary rich alcohol drinks, I have been CRAVING sugar and chocolate like no bodies business.

Enter Candida Support by NOW.

Now Foods Candida Support Formula, Veg-capsules, 180-Count

This product recommends you take 2 in the morning and 2 at night.  I have to say IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE.  My first day I took some I went to work and nothing looked appealing… I was fine.  It wasn’t until I let myself talk well… myself, into trying something I hadn’t tried before that it started again.  I tried a bite of ice cream and was appalled.  It tasted like chemicals.  But after that I wanted more, but I knew I DIDN’T want more… but I couldn’t help it, the urge was strong.  By the end of the night I had stuffed myself with ice cream samples, broken cookies and even bought a piece of pie… shame.  I woke up the next morning and tried again, and I’ve seen the same change… I just don’t want it.  Normally late at night I have terrible cravings and on this supplement I don’t.  From what I have read this supplement starves the Candida in the body, which survives and feeds on sugar.  It would explain the cravings I’ve been having.  And from the reviews I see most people don’t experience a change until a week into taking this pill.  I however noticed the first night, so either it’s my mind really believing in this pill (which I’m FINE with), or I had a bad Candida overgrowth.  I’ll let you be the judge.


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