Review: L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick

So I have been trying to rid myself of non-natural based beauty products lately, but it’s a process.

I have been getting a lot of free magazines in the mail this year, due to the awesome website Recyclebank: this is an amazing website, where you are paid in points every time you complete a task about recycling.  It can be anything from reading an article they wrote about protecting the environment, to taking a quiz, to completing the daily pledge (5 pts bitches!!).  Super easy, super fun and the points rack up quick.  I used my points to get FREE magazine subscriptions to my favorite magazines like: InStyle, Cosmo, and Glamour.  <3.

In the last few issues I’ve gotten I’ve been given loads of coupons!  Which I love, especially after watching Extreme Couponers obsessively on Netflix.  It’s a problem.  The coupons I’ve gotten recently have been for $3 off a tube of  L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick.  So I headed to my local Walgreens where they seem to have the best make up sales and scoured the section.  These were a bitch to find, I’ll be honest it pissed me off how hard they were to locate.  You would think L’Oreal would advertise their new product better.  Anyways, I found the small section and it was a battle choosing which colours to pick out.  I had two coupons, both for $3 off of one.  Walgreens was having a sale buy one- get one 50% off.  Amazing.  I finally settled on a nude, and a colour that would flatter me that wasn’t on-trend.

I spent a total of $10 on the two lip sticks, which is awesome considering they were $9.99 each.  Score.

unnamed (4)


The packaging for these babies is beautiful.  I love the gold tubes with the colours displayed in the little side panel.  Pulling these out of my purse is far more stylish than the Burts Bees lip colours, that I often mix up for my untinted chap-sticks.  The colours above are Coral Encore and Nude Ballet.  They apply like a lip gloss, with a wide, tilted wand and a super soft applicator.

Coral Encore:  A nice peachy coral colour, almost a salmon.  It reminds me a lot of Sari Pink from Dior Addict.  Only honestly… it’s better.

.unnamed (5)unnamed (2)


Nude Ballet: A light mauve- pink, a good nude shade for me, I really really like this one.  It’s definitely made me more fond of the nude lip trend, I’ve been seeing a lot recently.

unnamed (6)unnamed (3)


First of all if I had to give this product a rating from 1-10, 10 being the best, 1 the worst.  I would rate it at a 7.  I really like how this looks on my lips, the first application is enough, no reason for a second coat.  BUT for winter time it would be a difficult product for me, my lips were dry and even after scrubbing them as smooth as I could get them, this product caked up my lips and felt gross.  But when my lips were really smooth I noticed just how nice this formula is.  It’s thick, but not tacky and it doesn’t bleed, it stays put and shines like a gloss.  I really like this for a casual look, it’s something I can wear to work and not get dirty looks from my bosses.  I also love how my lips feel after, almost like I’ve had a nice balm applied, my lips and soft and moisturized.  This product as you can probably tell by the pictures has a high shine to it, but it’s nicely pigmented so you can really see the colours.

All in all a really nice product, especially for the price tag.  If I get more coupons for this item I will be heading back to my local Walgreens.




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