Late Post: Over View of the Detox.

I would not recommend this… at all.  A few weeks ago I purchased a…

Total Body Cleanse

I was really excited to do this cleanse, it sounded so simple and it had great testimonials online.  It’s rated 4-5 stars most places I’ve searched and I really thought it was worth the $40.  It wasn’t, not at all.  I feel the exact same as when I started.  I followed the directions loosely the first week due to being laid up, and strictly the 2nd… and both weeks were completely the same.

What does this product do?  It makes you poop… kind of like you bought a $10 bottle of fiber, or you know, ate a normal fiber intake.  That’s about it.  It gave me no side effects, and that was really it… oh and you pee a lot because of all the water you have to drink.  I realize this is how toxins get passed out of the body, any 2nd grader can tell you that, but $40 for that??  Why not just go out and buy a nice fiber pill and drink a gallon of water a day?  Does about the same thing.

I would rate this a 2 on a scale of 1-5.  I did not loose any of the normal detox weight (you know, loose it and gain it right back), in fact I’m pretty sure I gained a pound.  It did nothing for me at all.



  1. Amanda Raye · October 27, 2014

    I’m so not a fan of those detox pills/powders. I highly recommend doing a one-day juice cleanse. It’s not as intense as a 3 or 5 day juice cleanse, plus it’s cheaper. It won’t make you drop weight, but it will make you crave healthy food after finishing. I actually just finished the Juice for a Day Cleanse from Juice Generation. Super yummy!

    • megaliciousmilleroony · October 29, 2014

      I LOVE juice cleansing as well. I usually do a three day cleanse, but sadly my juicer has passed away. I honestly was hoping these pills would make me feel the same as the juice cleanse, because you are right, after juicing all you want is healthy, fuel food. it’s a beautiful thing. I suppose I thought these would do the same because of all the great ingredients. So disappointing. Should have just put the money aside for a new juicer :).

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