Baby’s First Salt Lamp and Mommy Get’s Lucky.

So two posts today!  Again!

Last night I was browsing the internet and as I mentioned I am in LOVE with the Isle Of You boutique in my little town.  They NEVER have sales *cry* and I mean never, I almost died the day I saw they were selling Ugg Boots for 30% off.  So when I viewed their Facebook page last night and saw *GASP* they were having a ONE DAY ONLY, ONCE A YEAR, ONCE A FUCKING LIFETIME.  Sale.  I almost died, I think I fell out of my chair, maybe I’m actually dead and this is some weird dream my mind made up in the afterlife???

The other reason I almost died?  I spent all my money, I had not a dime.  Death.

So, I told my husband, I begged, he said “no” there was swearing involved, tears, sadness…

But I called the store anyway, I HAD to know.  I needed a the jeans I had seen on the clearance rack.  A beautiful pair of Lucky Brand Jeans that fit me like a glove.  Beautiful, originally $119 jeans that I Just-Couldn’t-JUSTIFY.  Marched down to $91… that I still couldn’t bare to do, and it’s been haunting me since that day.  So I dialed, I called.  The sale was only for 3 hours, 9-midnight, so strange, yet so right.

A sales girl answered, happy, cheerful, I could hear women screaming and laughing behind her, I was dying inside.

Girl: “Isle Of You?”

Me: “Hi, yes, are you offering additional off your clearance tonight?”

Girl: “Everything on the clearance rack is $20 tonight”

Twenty Dollars… TWENTY-MOTHER-FUCKING-DOLLARS.  It’s worth the curse words, worth every obscenity.  This clearance rack is full of 7 Jeans, Packed with Free People, Bursting with Lucky… for $20 a piece.  I looked to my husband, and mouthed the words “$20.”  He sighed, called the bank, and transferred $100 into his checking.  Gave me the debit card with a look in his eye, begging “Please, don’t spend $100.”

I ran out of the house.  Booked it down the street, weaving in and out of women all heading to the Isle.  I dove into the rack outside the store… but there were no jeans… ARGH!!!??!

I asked the girl and she directed me to the table, where neatly folded rows of jeans stared at me $25 each, $5 more than I was quoted, but I couldn’t even.  I’m basic.

I dug through the piles… the jeans weren’t there… so I grabbed all the others in size 32, the highest size the store carried and rushed to a fitting room… only to be broken hearted when I realized they were all “Super Skinny” Style.  I am not “super skinny” in any form of the word, I never will be, I have calves the size of my head.  I couldn’t get the jeans passed my knee.  I sulked out of the dressing room.  Defeated.  I went back to the table and put my jeans away, because I’m a retail bitch, I know what’s up.  The store was full of women, grabbing things off the rack and I had missed my chance.  The store owner stepped to my side, beautiful lady she is, all style and flair, I want to look like her when I’m older.  She asks if she can help me.  I tell her of my sadness, that I loved these jeans, but they were gone, I had missed my chance.  She steps closer, pulls the top pair off the pile, and hands them to me.  I look down… it’s the jeans.  My jeans… right in front of me.  She smiles, I hug my pants.  I got Lucky with Lucky’s.

100_0400 100_0401 100_0405100_0403 100_0406


Express Top: $49.90 (BOGO 19.90 right now!)

Fioni Heels: $34.99 at Payless

Lucky Jeans: I paid $25 you can find them here for $69.30

I love them, I’m so freaking happy!  $25 how the Hell can you beat that??

So while I’m been walking around in my happy cloud, I got MORE joy in the mail!

My son Henry has been having a LOT of trouble sleeping lately, and I mean a LOT.  He wakes up screaming every night at 12:30ish and won’t sleep again until 6 a.m., then is back up at 7:30, it’s messing me up.  Lately I’ve taken to sleeping in hsi crib with him, on in an armchair in his room.  So I thought, perhaps some nice, calming light in his room would help him stay settled?  It couldn’t hurt right?  And I didn’t want to go with a conventional night light, I’m afraid he will pull it out of his wall.  Plus if I am going to spend the money, it might as well be for something I love, in case my thought on the light helping him was dead wrong.  I hate to waste money.  So I settled on a salt lamp.

Himalayan Salt Lamp with Neem Wood Base


My son loves it so far, besides trying to eat it, he loves the light haha.  It’s beautiful and VERY heavy.  The salt is flaking off a little, but I expected that with the rough cut one.  I would have loved to order the smooth, ball shaped lamp, but I have a feeling my son would have been kept up all night pointing at it yelling “bwall!!!”

H100_0417 100_0415  100_0411 100_0409   100_0413

That’s all for today




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