Review: Eureka!

While shopping at my local Walmart- Super Center the other day, I found myself in the bread aisle.  While we usually survive off Ezekiel bread in our house, money has been a little tight so we’ve been forced to venture else where for our bread needs.  Usually finding ourselves buying bread from Aldi’s (at less than a $1 a loaf during hard times, how could we not?) or at Walmart.  This trip I ventured over to the bread aisle in search of Wild Oats bread, which we have become fond of in our home, it runs about $3 a loaf, not too shabby.  While grabbing a couple loafs of the oatmeal version I happen to glance around, only to discover an ORGANIC brand staring me in the face.  Organic bread?  Not in the freezer?  At Walmart?  That can’t be right!

But oh, it was right, and oh did I do a happy dance!!!

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I’ve never seen organic bread like this, and I mean NEVER.  We have to deal with Ezekiel bread, which don’t get me wrong, has a special place in my heart.  I love Ezekiel bread, I love the texture, the springiness it has to it… but it goes bad fast, and I hate keeping my bread in my refrigerator… weird yes, but I do, I really do.  And to be honest, my son is NOT a fan, he will eat it as toast… but a sandwich is out of the question.  So when we were spending $5 or more on a loaf of bread that my son didn’t care for and that my husband couldn’t be bothered to offer up one single fuck about… it was starting to make less and less sense to buy it.

Enter now… Eureka! bread.

I bought all three varieties: “Grainiac” “Saaa- Wheat!” and “Seeds the day”… I know, how freaking cute?!?!

And it’s got a picture of Archimedes on the package.    ARCHIMEDES.  What is not to love about this bread?  From what I see it’s just pure goodness, it even has quinoa in it.  And I love quinoa.

So I had to buy it, I had to try it… it’s SO GOOD.  Best prepackaged bread I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.  It’s soft, chewy and full of flavor.  I can’t find a single thing to dislike about this product.  The slices are smaller than a lot of breads on the market, but let’s be honest with ourselves, those slices are kind of gigantic.

I had to share about this product, it is so amazing, and I’m so obsessed with it now.  I will forever buy Eureka! Organic bread!  At $4 a loaf it’s still a TAD pricey, but it’s high quality, organic, a great sized loaf and it actually has the same texture as white bread.  It’s worth $4, I will cut corners else where to buy this product.  Plus I’m saving at least $1 per loaf by switching from Ezekiel to Eureka!  And room in my freezer/fridge to boot.





  1. Margaret Dallospedale · November 14, 2014

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