Super Sushi

I just made this last night! I followed this recipe and added sliced mango to mine. ❤ ❤ Can't get enough.

The Leafy Queen

butter or oil                                                                                                   
soy sauce

I love sushi, which often confuses people who think sushi necessarily includes raw fish.  “Aren’t you a vegetarian?!” they ask.

Of course, but “sushi” refers to cold, cooked rice formed into bite sized pieces with various fillings or toppings, which may be fishy or vegetarian.

The other day, I created this Super Sushi recipe using amaranth, an ancient Peruvian grain, rather than white sushi rice.  Amaranth, similar to quinoa, is packed with protein and vitamins, so it’s a great way to make vegetarian sushi more nutrient dense.  When boiled, amaranth is slightly sticky, making it great for holding sushi together.  The versatile grain is also delicious as hot cereal, can be popped to…

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